Updates to my print shop

  • 31st January 2018

I have had a few days where I have been busy doing editing and chooseing photos to add to my Fine Art America Print shop. These photos will be added too soon and I will be promoting them here as well. In the meantime why not have a look at the shop and see if there is anything that is of interest? Fine Art America   If in the market for stock images, please check out my Shutterstock portfolio by clicking here

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Exciting plans for this year

  • 16th January 2018

Well it is a bit late, but welcome to 2018!!!   I have got many projects planned for this year, including making a short film based on an idea I had while running on a treadmill. It will probably be around 5 minutes long and will be filmed hopefully in the couple of months and released on youtube.   On the photography side, I have got a number of new projects in mind, including taking stock images of all the embassys and consulates in London (then probably the rest of the UK as well). I also want to take stock images of all the devolved government buildings as well.   My...

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Muscle Study 2

  • 22nd December 2017

So here are a few more from the muscle study shoot I did a few weeks back. I have to say I am very happy with them      

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Muscle Study

  • 4th December 2017

So an idea I have had for a while was to do a muscle study. I have been watching a few programmes about Leonardo da Vinci and how he made many sketch studys on animals, anatomy and the human body. Since I can't draw to save my life I thought I would try with photography. However, I needed more space than I have in my garage and I needed to get a muscular model. Luckily I knew a muscular model, the next problem was space. However, this was solved by my karate class being mvoed from our normal venue (a school hall) to a community centre. Speaking to my instructor I got the contact details for the hall...

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Q2 Players Arabian Nights

  • 23rd November 2017

Shot the rehearsal for the Arabian Nights for the Q2 Players. Their website can be found here Their facebook page here  

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London Protest

  • 18th November 2017

On the 4th of November I went to the National Demo: Justice Now - Make It Right For Palestine rally in London. It started outside the United States Embassy and marched through London until it reached Parliament square. It was a generally peaceful rally until a group of Pro-Israeli counter protesters tried to block the march and marched infron of the main crowd. The set I took is available for purchase for editorial use only on Dreamstime here Below are some examples hosted on my 500px account.   ...

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Kazoku Karate-Do

  • 25th October 2017

Shot a Kazoku Karate-Do class on Wedensday. It is a small family run Karate club located in Reading, near junction 11 of the M4. Great to see both adults and kids enjoying their training!!     Follow the club on facebook here   Club's website is located here

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CND Protest

  • 12th October 2017

Have been in London a lot recently, shooting the cityscape, river, landmarks etc...   I was there though recently for a CND rally to protest against the increase in tensions between North Korea and the United States.   The full set can be viewed on my Shutterstock account. Licenced for Editorial Use Only. Please click here

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Fawley Power Station

  • 7th August 2017

The decomissioned Fawley power station located on the west side of Southampton Water near Calshot on the soith coast of the UK was an amazing backdrop to some sunset photos recently!!   Hosted on my 500px account

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Stock shoots

  • 19th July 2017

So here is a link to different categories of stock photography I have done.   I am currently working on uploading more examples. Clicking on a photo thumbnail will take you to my portfolio at Fotloia.   http://www.benpgphotos.co.uk/stock-photography-for-sale/

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