Anti Donald Trump, London July 13th

  • 24th July 2018

I went to photograph the Anti Donald Trump march from the BBC headquarters to Trafalgar Square in central London on July 13th.   The whole set can be seen on my Shutterstock Portfolio by clicking here  

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The Isle of Grain

  • 12th June 2018

I ventured to the Isle of Grain on the Kent coast, in the Medway and Thames estuarys to attempt to capture a timelapse of the sunrise. However, clouds had different ideas. That being said, it was a very interesting place to walk around, from the old world war 2 beach defences, to the current military firing range and the old sea battery I think dates back to the time of Napoleonic wars that can olny be reached at low tide over a causeway. Note to self next time don't just wear trainers as that will be an interesting place to get close to.   Will definately be going back for another...

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New Stock Images on Shutterstock

  • 12th May 2018

I have started a new project on tyres and have been uploading them to my Shutterstock page. The idea being to have them against a dark background and light only picking out small parts of the tyres or having the tyres wet so the droplets of water stand out. The photos so far can be viewed here My Shutterstock portfolio can be viewed here Some examples are below:-      

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Q2 production of Ravenscroft

  • 10th May 2018

Shot the last technical rehersal of the Q2 Players who done it show "Ravenscroft".   A body was been found at the foot of the stairs and it is up to the police to discover what happened, but in a house only occupied with ladies, is all up to what it seems?  

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London Protests

  • 19th April 2018

On Saturday the 14th of April I covered 2 protests in London. The first was outside the Israeli Embassy, well close to as it was not allowed to be outside. The protest was on Kensington High Street, over the on going occupation of Palestine.   The second protest was a silent march from Kensington Town Hall to the ruins of Grenfell Tower, 10 months on from the horrific fire that killed 71 people. Of all the protests I have covered, this one was the most dignified. All photos taken can be seen on my Shutterstock here

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Protest for Gaza: Stop the Killing

  • 11th April 2018

Went and photographed the Protest for Gaza: Stop the Killing outside Downing Street in London on Saturday the 7th. With recent protests in Gaza resulting in the Israeli Military shooting across the border the protest drew large crowds. The whole set can be seen here on Shutterstock  

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Recent Protest Shoot

  • 5th April 2018

I have always had a great dislike for nuclear weapons so when I saw CND were going to be outside the AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) at Aldermaston I had to go down and shoot the protest. I have to say most of the people there were of an older generation including a 94 year old called Walter Wolfgang and Bruce Kent, but I was pleased to see some younger faces there as well.        

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  • 26th March 2018

So I have been watching the rise (and fall) of Bitcoin for a while now and I have thought about investing in it, but I think I am a bit too warey of the sudden falls of its value. Also FOMO (fear of missing out) worries me, not because I am missing out, but because I worry that others are and will inflate the price into a big bubble causing a massive crash. However, just because I am not going to invest in it doesn't mean that others will stop, so I have taken a series of stock photos of bitcoin. The tokens were bought from ebay and the setup was in my garage. Below are 2 from my 500px account....

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New Stock Photos

  • 26th February 2018

For the first time I attended Chinese New Year in Central London. Loved the parade, great chinese food, martial arts demos   Photos can be seen here Ever though of joining Shutterstock? Click on the banner below to get selling!!

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Updates to my print shop

  • 31st January 2018

I have had a few days where I have been busy doing editing and chooseing photos to add to my Fine Art America Print shop. These photos will be added too soon and I will be promoting them here as well. In the meantime why not have a look at the shop and see if there is anything that is of interest? Fine Art America   If in the market for stock images, please check out my Shutterstock portfolio by clicking here

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